We make interactive movies for PS4, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch, PC/MAC and mobile.

Creative Director Allan Plenderleith's first interactive movie was The Hunting - a feature length horror film shot completely on an iPhone and released internationally to rave reviews.  His next title was THE BUNKER, a BAFTA-nominated interactive movie which pushed the boundaries of interactive film even further.  THE BUNKER was released on Playstation, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch, PC/MAC and mobile devices.



More titles, more interactivity, more excitement.

Our future titles feature innovative techniques never before seen in the world of interactive movies.  Adding unique gameplay, strategy elements, and much more, our sole purpose is to take FMV into the future.



Pushing interactive movies into the future.

Here at FMV Future we are always striving to take what we have learned so far and push the capabilities of interactive movies to the next level.  We're not just about binary choices - our stories give players a genuine freedom and choice, immersing them deeper into the story.